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5 Earthquake-Prone Zones in Northeast India

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), our country falls in four seismic zones. The zones numbered II through V include many important cities where zone V is the most earthquake prone and zone II has the least seismic levels. The entire Northeast of our country falls in Zone V, with the highest risk, and the region has a turbulent history of 18 devastating earthquakes in the past century. In fact, Northeast India is one of the six most seismically active regions on earth along with California, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey.
According to the National Centre of Seismology, the following cities and town of North-Eastern India have the highest risk:

Kohima, Nagaland
Geologically, this is a fairly young and mobile belt of earth that will witness landslides and rock fall easily.
Imphal, Manipur
The 2016 earthquake was one of the worst damaging earthquakes, the idyllic capital city has seen since 1880 and 1939.
Guwahati, Assam
Small tremors are a usual affair in this capital city which gets a fair amount of predictions monthly. The 2018 earthquake with a 5.5 magnitude spread tremors throughout the north-eastern region.
Tezpur, Assam
The city situated on the north bank of Brahmaputra is quite vulnerable to seismic tremors and is often the epicentre of minor tremors.
Sadiya, Assam
The infamous 1950 earthquake of the state dealt heavy losses in this town. The town is still a target and makes it to the list of highest risk.
The BIS has rules and criteria for construction of earthquake resistant structures, and guidelines for refitting the old ones to minimize earthquake damage in this zone. Structural engineers need to factor the seismic precaution codes of building during any major constructions in this area.
Moreover, the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) and the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) have also established guidelines and brochures for construction and retrofitting of buildings in the Northeast. Manufactured through the Tempcore Process, Adhunik TMT bars follow all the structural guidelines and have proven extreme resistance to seismic shocks.

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