TMT Bars

Factors to Check Before Buying TMT Bars

In the construction of a house, TMT (or Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars is one of the most important constituent of the structural system. TMT bars are, in effect, the life of the structure — the strength of the building is dependent upon the strength of the bars. Therefore, it becomes imperative that while buying them, you ensure that you are buying the best, as they provide the much needed stability and safety to a building structure. There are certain essential factors to be kept in mind before buying TMT bars. Here are some of them.

    1. Grades Check: The strength of a TMT bar depends on its grades — the higher the better. In our country, there are various grades of TMT bars, such as Fe415, Fe500D, Fe500SD, Fe550 and Fe 600. However, ductility reduces with higher strength which is a vital aspect for earthquake-prone zones. Hence, check the grades and buy according to requirement.

    2. Certification Check: It is pertinent to check for ISO, BIS, etc. certifications before buying any kind of TMT bars. It is an indicator of strict quality standards and safe products. Brand and reputation go a long way in choosing the best steel bars. For example, Adhunik TMT bars are IS: 1786:2008 Certified, which is a testament to its superior quality.

    3. The Amateur Eye Test Check: There is a simple way of testing the quality of steel bars and it does not require any expertise in the field. Ensure small yet essential things like, the presence of the company logo throughout; the absence of rust, check freshness.

    4. Custom Check: Ensure the right measurement of length and width according to the building structure requirement. There are different requirements in different constructions therefore, enquire about the length and width before buying. We need to ask engineers or architects about the section of TMT bars to be used.

    5. Process Check: The manufacturing process of steel bars is an evolving one, with regular upgrades and advances in techniques. Hence, make sure that you are buying bars from a manufacturer who uses the latest technology and should have an integrated process. One should choose TMT bars made from virgin materials.

    6. Flexibility Check: The best quality of TMT bars have supreme bending ability and during constructional requirements bend without developing any cracks. TMT bar companies like Adhunik provide testing facilities to check the elasticity and other such salient features so that buyers can make a satisfied and sure choice.

TMT bars come loaded with extensive features and in order to make an informed choice that benefits the building structure the most, it is necessary to learn about them. These pointers should immensely help you in buying the right TMT bar for your construction project.

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