TMT Bars

How TMT Bars Protect Constructions Against Natural Disasters

Urban constructions today boast of many lucrative features — spectacular architectures, multi-layered designs suitable to the users’ lifestyles and needs, and of course, incredible height. Ever wonder how secure these buildings actually are in face of a natural disaster? The answer to provide such a structure its stability and strength to bear nature’s brunt is a deep, solid foundation accompanied by the muscles of TMT Bars.

What is a TMT Bar?
A Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bar is an essentially steel bar that has undergone multiple chemical and metallurgical procedures to become high-strength reinforcement bars. The procedures lend them a strong outer layer ensuring durability and a softer inner core for greater tensile strength. These techniques make the bars resistant to corrosion and many other interesting properties.

How does it protect a construction against natural disasters?

Earthquake:  Earthquakes are one of the prime natural disasters causing property damages and destructions. TMT bars have high ductility and bendability that helps the buildings absorb the earthquakes’ vibrations to a great extent and thus prevents massive damage on it.

Flood: The floods can damage your constructions through sheer wear-and-tear and corrosion during prolonged exposure to water. The unique manufacturing techniques of TMT bars give them anti-corrosive property and high durability against the force of flood-waters.

Storms: Strong winds like a hurricane or a cyclone can pose imminent threats to a building, irrespective of its construction phase. Use TMT bars for a better chance at fighting off the damages with higher strength, fatigue-resistance and bendability.

Fire: TMT Bars are fire-resistant because of their special thermal capability.

Recommendations for you
Whether you’re building your own home or supervising a fancy construction project of multi-millions, always ensure maximum safety with the use of superior-grade TMT bars like Adhunik.

Adhunik manufactures earthquake-resistant, corrosion-free, strong TMT Bars in various grades and gauges to suit all your construction needs. Our combination of best-in-class technology and stringent quality assessments on industry standards yield in special-quality TMT bars marketed within affordable ranges. Invest in safety, step ahead of natural disasters and create wonders in your construction projects with Adhunik TMT bars. Contact us to know more.


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