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Know About the Tempcore Process of TMT Bar

One of the most effective processes in the production of TMT bars developed by the Centre de Rechaerche Metallurgiques (CRM) Belgium, the Tempcore Process is based on the heat treatment principle. The products derived through this process have superior qualities and better advantages than any other process of manufacturing rebars.
How the Tempcore Process works
The Tempcore Process adds to the strength of Thermo Mechanically Treated reinforcement steel bars or TMT bars by rapid cooling, then re-heating and finally compressing to obtain a product of exemplary strength and ductility.
Once the heated steel billets have been rolled in the mills and given their final size and shapes as bars, they are ready to be processed by Tempcore technology. The three stages of this process are:
As soon as TMT bars leave the mill stand, they are quenched – rapidly cooled with water sprays using cooling installations. This hardens the outer surface layer by converting it to Martensite.
Immediately after quenching, the higher core temperature starts flowing towards the cooled surface layer that has converted into Martensite and tempers it. Self-tempering through residual heat from the core gives the name to the process of Tempcore.

Finally, the cooling bed receives the rebar where atmospheric cooling transforms the core into Ferrite-Pearlite structure and then compressed to expand and strengthen them
Unique Properties

  • High strength due to the tempered outer layer of Martensite
  • High ductility due to the Ferrite-Pearlite core which allows bending, galvanizing and straightening without cracks or loss of tensile properties
  • Maintains strength and ductility even in very high or low temperatures
  • Absence of strain age embrittlement and fully weldable
  • Has seismic resistance properties.
Advantages of Tempcore
TMT bars processed by this technology follow an ‘on-line process’ therefore, they have:
  • Consistent quality
  • Superior safety
  • Savings in steel
Adhunik is both renowned and reliable for TMT bars. And, the reason behind its excellence is its use of virgin iron ore and the Tempcore process of manufacturing these bars, which ensure the highest standards of quality and strength.

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