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The Advantages of Constructing With Adhunik Link EDGE

Are you currently constructing or planning to construct a new building? Are you concerned about the structure’s strength in the unforeseen event of any major seismic activity? Don’t worry —Adhunik Link EDGE stirrups are here to promise superior endurance and structural strength in all types of constructions, offering youcomplete peace of mind.
Adhunik Link EDGE – A Brief Introduction
Adhunik Industries limited, the leading manufacturer of quality construction components in India, brings to you another first-grade product besides their TMT bars —Adhunik Link EDGE. 
These are stirrups made with precision by automatic machines using high strength FE500SD ribbed TMT reinforced bars. The Link EDGE stirrups are produced in different sizes and shapes, such as circular, rectangular, square, polygonal, crosstie and U-stirrup.The square and the rectangular ones havemaximum demand though. According to the Indian Standards, every Link EDGE stirrup has a 135 degree hook with 10d length. This ensuresyou optimum quality in every type of construction related requirements.
Being a key-player in the market for construction components, Adhunik delivers products that have super strong coreto withstand natural forces like earthquake, and yet have that required ductility and flexibility. Adhunik Link EDGE is also a significant part of that valued trend.
What are the Advantages of Using Link EDGE in Your Construction?
Stirrups are, by definition, closed loops of TMT bars that hold together the main reinforcement bar frames in a construction. They offer maximum stability and resistance against the stresses of seismic activities or other external major forces on the structure of reinforced cement concrete (RCC).
Take a look at the primary benefits of using Adhunik Link EDGE in your construction projects:
They are designed to handle high diagonal tension
Manufactured by automatic machines to ensure dimensional accuracy in every piece
Link EDGE stirrups are built with appropriate end locks to hold the bars together firmly
Being machine-made, these stirrups remove the need for manual intervention and hence minimises wastage of raw materials during pre-fabrication
Adhunik as the manufacturer of Link EDGE produces them in various sizes and shapes to suit every requirement in your construction. 
Ready availability of different size and shapes helps in reducing the construction time and labour cost
The core ingredient of 500 SD reinforcement bars improves the Adhunik stirrups’ overall ductility and hence the columns become more resilient during earthquakes.
Also, during construction, Link EDGE stirrups ensure the main reinforcement frame stays in place while concrete is poured in. This in turn provides greater stability to the structure.
Adhunik Link EDGE provides resistance against vertical sheer force of earthquakes. This stops diagonal shear cracks along the surface of the buildings later on.
They are fire-resistant and thus provide additional safety in the unfortunate event of a fire breakout on the construction site and ever after. 
Strengthen your home fromwithin and provide it with all the reinforcements to face off natural calamities like earthquake, flood orfire. Rely on the undisputable quality and industry-level performance of Adhunik products, the best stirrup manufacturer in Kolkata. Select Adhunik Link EDGE for guaranteed peace of mind, every time.

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