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The Check List before Buying Your Dream Homes

The perfect home is dream that most of us see and give our best to make it come true. And, it goes without saying that we often put a lot at stake to turn our dream into a reality.
If you’re planning to buy the home of your dreams, it is certainly a huge investment. And, there is no room for mistakes. Most would-be homeowners while looking for properties consider certain common aspects such as– location, reputed builder, amenities, design, connectivity to the other parts of the city, rental potential, resale value, clarity on taxes, etc. However, they often tend to overlook the most crucial aspect of a home — the quality of construction.
The quality of home construction and its foundation play an important role not only in ensuring the strength and longevity of your home but also the safety of those living in it. Therefore, Adhunik, the leading TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata, recommends that you consider the following factorswhen it comes to buying your dream home.
1. Do not forget to inquire about the foundation of the construction because a strong foundation is directly proportional to the safety and durability of the building.  Therefore, considering soil testing, formwork, concrete work, and masonry work is crucial in his regard.
2. Regardless of the quality of the concrete, its tensile strength is low. This is the reason why, TMT rods, steel rebars are used along with the mixture of RCC (Reinforced Concrete Cement), gravel, and water. As TMT bars and binding wires add more strength to the construction, make sure to check it with your builder beforehand. Most of the reputed builders use Adhunik TMT bar for their construction, which is indeed an added advantage.
3. Look for Fe 500 SD TMT bars. A construction strengthened using Fe 500 SD TMT bars will make your dream home stand tall in all weather conditions for a lifetime. Adhunik Industries Limited being the most trusted TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata offers Fe 500 SD TMT bars, the best quality of construction material with the power to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Adhunik TMT bars are manufactured using the most advanced technology of the world known as the Tempcore Process. It is done in collaboration with CRM (Centre de RechaercheMetallurgiques), Belgium. Therefore, the strength they offer to any construction is unmatchedby any other TMT bar.
4. Stirrups are a key component among construction materials. They enhance the overall stress-bearing capacity of the buildings and hence must be chosen with care. Adhunik Link EDGE are rings made using Fe 500 SD, high-quality and grooved TMT reinforcement bars. Available in different sizes, these enhance the ductility of the pillars and the overall strength of construction. Most importantly, Link EDGE also improves the earthquake-resistance of a construction.
Now that you know about some of the most important factors to count on while purchasing your dream home, do not forget to keep these in mind. After all, your home is not just a property for you. So, take care of it right from its foundation.

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