TMT Bars

The Huge Role that Dealers & Distributors Play in the Construction Industry

As one of the premium manufacturers of TMT bars, wire rods and LinkEdge, Adhunik is a
dedicated and prominent player in the steel industry. However, we, at Adhunik realise that an
important part of our growth as a company is dependent on the roles that dealers and
distributors play. We have a reliable and strong chain of dealers and distributors that help our
quality products reach far and spread the reputation of Adhunik in the construction industry.
We are better manufacturers of best quality TMT bars, Wire rods and LinkEdge than our
competitors but we are also convinced of our great advantage in having a system of dealers and
distributors. The role of dealers and distributors with Adhunik is special because:
 They help us build a close relationship with our customers, and are our first point of
contact with buyers and bearers of the image of Adhunik in the construction industry.
 They maintain customer relations and with the help of Adhunik TMT bar, Adhunik
LinkEdge, Adhunik wire rods, etc. that are best in the industry convert them to satisfied
 They help us get better insights about improving our products, and in bettering our
services to fulfil the customer’s demands and needs accordingly.
 They serve as a source of market information and help as consultants in problem-solving
 They are a company’s point of customer service experience.

Adhunik is a reputed manufacturer in Kolkata of TMT bars, Wire rods and LinkEdge but our
reach that spans most rural and urban destinations is due to the huge role that dealers and
distributors play. We believe in forging a solid professional relationship with our dealers and
distributors because we know that they are one of the reasons that help us stay in the top.
Dealers and distributors are responsible for creating the image of the company that stands
behind the products. We believe in enhancing this relationship through some steps:
 We believe that constant communication with dealers and distributors help in continuing
relationships with loyalty. It is also necessary to maintain consistency in policies.
 We believe in involving dealers with various manufacturing issues, product quality check
and cost reduction, etc.
 We believe in supporting our dealers and distributors and ensure that they are well run.
Thus, a mutually strong relationship between a company and its dealers and distributors in the
end provides good return to their investments. They are, in many ways, vital supports in the
growth and success of a company. We at Adhunik recognise that and are always eager to
strengthen it.

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