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The Reasons to Choose Adhunik Wire Coil for Your Constructions

Are you in the process of constructing your dream home? Of course, you’d wanton assure that the materials used in the construction phase are reliable and strong. If you’re searching in earnest for the best wire coil for your construction projects, it’s time you check out the products by Adhunik – the top wire coil manufacturer in Kolkata.
Adhunik Industries Limited, India’s new emerging leader in the steel industry brings to you another remarkably superior product for your construction – steel wire coils.
What are steel wire coils?
These are one of the rolled steel products that can be put to various applications depending on its thickness. There are multiple practical applications of the steel wire coils in different industries such as electrical wires, metallic mesh type fences, within tyres, elevator cables, and wire rods for constructions and so on.
A steel wire coil can be manufactured with or without alloys in their composition, based on their intended usage. Also, it is available in cross-sections of with different shapes, such as –rectangular, square, circular and even other customised options.
Applications of steel wire coils
You may find numerous practical applications of steel wire coils in daily life. Starting from electrical cables for the power sector to tyre cords in the automobile industry to binding wires used for the construction industry and even small household products like nails, screws, barbed fencing wires etc. The main difference in them is the process of manufacturing through different secondary or further treatments.
But the most common use of the steel wire coils is perhaps found in the real estate industry – during the construction phases.
Using hard-core strong products like Adhunik TMT Bars and Adhunik Link EDGE gives your buildings the internal stamina to fight off natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. But you need equally strong wire coils during construction to bind and hold fast the structure to keep it stable over the years. Adhunik wire coil offers the required level of strength.
The construction industry wire rods are typically used as binding wires, GI wires, fencing materials, pre-stressed concrete wire etc. for deeper penetration, better longevity and ease of use. These are also used to create structures like wire mesh, springs, bolts, fasteners etc.
Reasons to choose Adhunik wire rods in construction
If you want the most reliable performance out of your GI wires, binding wires, pre-stressed concrete wire, fencing materials etc. during construction, you need to look for the best quality products in the market.
We, at Adhunik Industries Limited, know the important role of wire coils in your construction. Therefore, we make sure our wire coils are superior-grade products can support even the most demanding architectural designs. Adhunik wire coils are manufactured with the intense quality check processes at every stage of production using the latest cutting-edge technology and the finest raw materials.
Our products feature uniform mechanical properties such as:

  • Higher durability for a long lifespan
  • Consistent tensile strength
  • Greater flexibility and bendability for better performance
  • Higher ductility
Support your constructions through the verified quality of rust-resistant, weather-resistant and extra-durable Adhunik wire coil. Choose the industry-standard expertise of Adhunik and strengthen the core of your dream home!

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