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The Types and Application of Adhunik TMT Bars

High tensile strength, ductility, thermal conductivity, yield strength, and durability — these traits that define TMT bars, the core of every construction. Widely used in various types of construction projects, TMT bars have been bearing the load of the cities since long.
Be it building slabs and columns to beam and giant structures, TMT bars from the house of the best TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata, Adhunik, rule the roost. And, as these steel bars lay the foundation of any construction, these should be strong enough to endure loads of varying strength. These should be capable enough to withstand the elements of nature, even the catastrophic ones like earthquake, flood, windstorm, and others. Hence, choosing the right TMT bar is very crucial.
Adhunik TMT bars are manufactured using the most cutting-edge metallurgical process, the TEMPCORE™ Process, licensed from CRM (Centre de Recherché Metallurgiques), Belgium. As such, these are thebest TMT bar in West Bengal for meeting the requirements of modern load handling.
That said, let’s take a look at the types and applications of Adhunik TMT Bars.
Types of Adhunik TMT bars
There are different types of TMT bars available in the market with the best TMT bar suppliers in Kolkata.The various types of TMT bars are identified as grades and denoted accordingly as – Fe-415, Fe-415D, FE-500, Fe-500D, Fe-550, and Fe-600. Here, Fe is the symbol of Iron, and the number following it represents the Yield Strength of steel. Plus, the letter ‘D’ indicates Ductility and those TMT bars having that letter in the end feature higher elongation percentage.
For example –

  • In Fe-415 and Fe-500, Fe symbolizes Iron and 415 and 500 indicate the respective yield strength in N/mm2.
  • Similarly, in Fe-415 D and Fe-500 D, Fe means Iron, 415 and 500 means their respective yield strength, and D indicates Ductility.
Applications of TMT bars
The application of best TMT bar in Kolkata ranges according to their varying yield strengths and ductility. Here’s how —
  • Fe-415 TMT bars are generally used for constructing residential structures and houses. As they feature a high uniform elongation, they are used in constructing homes in areas susceptible to earthquakes.
  • TMT bars with a yield strength of 500 N/mm2 are highly resistant to corrosion. Therefore, these make the perfect choice for constructing commercial and multi-story edifices.
  • The properties of Fe-550, the top 10 TMT bars in West Bengal, is more or less similar to Fe-500. However, the former’s yield strength is more than the latter. So, Fe-550 TMT bars are extensively used in large-scale construction projects, like underground structures, bridges, etc.
  • Steel bars that offer 600 N/mm2 of yield strength have the highest strength in the segment. These are mainly used in large-scale industrial projects.
  • Fe-415 D steel bars are free from mechanical fatigue. Therefore, these make the best choice for earthquake-resistant houses.
  • The branded TMT bars in Kolkata, Fe-500 D TMT bars, offer a high design loan without having to compromise on the flexibility or ductility. It’s an ideal choice for erecting RCC structures such as dams, flyovers, bridges, etc.
Final words
It is crucial to choose the right TMT bar for a specific application because every steel bar is designed differently to serve different purposes. The best part – TMT bars available with Adhunik are high-quality, and don’t cost a fortune. You can check the TMT bar price in Kolkata online. Just type TMT steel price in Kolkata in the search box to get afair idea.
For more specific information, contact us today.We’ll be happy to provide our TMT bar price today along with recommendations on which Adhunik TMT bar would be best suited to your needs.


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