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Top Vastu Tips to Remember Before Buying Your Dream Home

Are you on the verge of purchasing a new home? It’s one of the most celebrated accomplishments in one’s life and hence requires absolute confidence in your choice of the property. Ensuring the modern amenities in and around the building premises is not enough to ascertain a peaceful and prosperous living. For a gratifying life in your dream home, make sure it’s Vastu-compliant.
Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and energy in a place of dwelling. Balancing the positive and negative energy in your home creates greater wellbeing in your life through Vastu. 
Check out these prime tips for finding the most Vastu-compliant house today:
1. The shape of the house: Whether it’s a house or flat, make sure the shape is square or rectangular. Avoid oddly shaped buildings/apartments for a better balance of the positive and negative energy flows in your home.
2. Main entrance: The main entrance to your home is a key Vastu point. Out of many recommendations, the most significant ones are:

  • Ensure the main entrance to your home is in the East. The second preference is the north-east direction. These entry points will ensure lots of positive energy flows into your home with the rising sun every day.
  • Remove any obstructions like a tree, a wall, any permanent or temporary brick structure, etc. that’s positioned too close to your doorway. 
  • A broad expanse of open land in front of the house is considered auspicious.
3. Kitchen location: There are many recommendations regarding the placement and other factors related to a kitchen in a house. The most important ones are as below:
  1. The kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the home.
  2. The cooking should preferably be done while facing east.
  3. The kitchen must never be directly in front of the main entrance to your home.
  4. No bedroom or bathroom should ever be placed on top of a kitchen or a dining area. 
Description: Kitchen.jpg
4. The bedrooms and bathrooms locations: The master bedroom should be in the south-west corner of the property. North-west zones are most suitable for guest bedrooms. Avoid placing the bathrooms in the north-east and south-west zones.
                       Description: Bathroom.jpg
5. Natural light and ventilation: A home basking in natural light and ample air circulation makes for a peaceful abode full of positive energy.
6. Surrounding wall: Having a wall on all sides of the house makes it a Vastu-Mandala. It helps to keep positive energies inside and stave off the negative energy of the outer world’s chaos.
7. History of the house: if you’re buying a pre-owned property, first know its history. A house owned by families facing financial troubles, health issues, family feuds, or other such grave events often stows the negativity inside. It’s best to avoid such properties.
Invest in a Vastu-compliant property for an assurance of better health, success, peace, and prosperity along with higher resale value in the future!

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