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What Makes Adhunik Link EDGE a Superior Choice?

Did you know that almost 54% of the current landmass in India is vulnerable to earthquakes of varying intensity? It’s an unfortunate truth, beyond the control of any human intervention. But, are you willing to leave your house in the hands of fate to see if it survives the next major seismic activity? Act reliably and offer earthquake-resistance to your buildings from the core – use Adhunik Link EDGE in constructions.

What’s Adhunik Link EDGE?

Adhunik Link EDGE are stirrups constructed from the high strength FE500SD ribbed TMT reinforcement bars to contribute to the overall quality and strength of your building against earthquakes. Stirrups are basically closed loops of TMT bars used to hold the main reinforcement bar frames together offering maximum stability and resistance against seismic forces or other major stresses on the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structure.
Link EDGE stirrups are made by automatic machines and available in various sizes such as: rectangular, square, circular, polygonal, a U-stirrup or a crosstie to meet any and all of your construction needs. In compliance to the Indian Standards, these have a 135 degree hook and 10d length.  

Why Are Stirrups Important?

Stirrups are one of the vital components among construction materials. They contribute to the overall stress-bearing capacity of the building in more than one ways, as listed below:
  1. A basic requirement for using stirrups in construction is to provide resistance against vertical shear force. This prevents diagonal shear cracks appearing on the building due to seismic stress.
  2. They confine the concrete in the core of the framework and do not let it bulge outwards, thus improving general ductility and strength.
  3. Stirrups also help to prevent premature buckling of longitudinal bars caused by flexure. When placed in the right locations (at regular intervals following the standard guidelines and calculations), the stirrups prevent buckling of main reinforcement columns and beams.
  4. They increase the compressive strength of a column.
  5. Being made of 500 SD reinforcement bars, Adhunik stirrups improve the ductility of the column.
  6. They provide stability of the structure by preventing movement of main reinforcement while concrete is poured in
  7. Stirrups provide lateral confinement for the longitudinal bars in the structure’s frames

Key Benefits of Using Adhunik Link EDGE in Your Building Construction

Adhunik is a leading manufacturer in Kolkata of superior quality TMT Bars and Link EDGE stirrups are one of their top-notch ISO certified products in market.
Each Link EDGE stirrup is manufactured with most stringent quality control processes using latest cutting-edge technologies. Adhunik ensures they all have maximum consistency, quality, and accurate dimensions as recommended by the Indian Standards at every step of the processes, irrespective of their size or shape.
The other salient benefits of using them in construction projects are:
  • Designed to accommodate high diagonal tension
  • Assured dimensional accuracy
  • Built with proper end locks
  • Ensures zero wastage of raw materials
  • Reduced construction time by on-demand size and shape availability
  • Reduced labour cost
Choose responsibly, choose knowledgeably. Choose Adhunik Link EDGE to make your home stand strong against earthquakes.

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