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What Makes Adhunik the Best TMT Bar You Can Choose?

What Makes Adhunik the Best TMT Bar You Can Choose?
Are you getting ready to build your dream home? You must delve deep for the utmost quality. Along with hiring the best professionals within your budget, you must ensure the best quality materials as well. Are you aware of how important TMT bars are for construction? Looking to buy TMT bars that would give your home the most reliable structure, come fire or rain? Check out the best-in-class TMT bars in the construction industry by Adhunik, today.
Wondering what’s so special about Adhunik TMT Bars? Let’s elaborate on their exclusive features and how those contribute to building your safe nest.

  • Assured Quality: Adhunik is a leading TMT bar manufacturer in India that ensures quality at every step. Virgin iron ores from Adhunik’s captive mines undergoes various thermo-mechanical processes for minimal sulfur and phosphorus in the end-product. This makes the stainless steel in Adhunik TMT bars of top-notch quality.
  • Superior Technology: Adhunik uses the latest technologies in collaboration with Centre de Recherche Metallurgiques (CRM), Belgium to produce the finest quality TMT bars. Making high-tech block mills through advanced Tempcore Process gives them perfect weight. Subsequently, the steel is thoroughly refined in Induction Furnace and then Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) by Continuous Casting Billet Machine (CCBM). The extent of technical superiority in Adhunik TMT bars makes them one of the most reliable, corrosion and fire-resistant, consistently uniform and also economic choices for you.
  • ISO-certified TMT Bar Grades: The grade of a TMT bar indicates its strength quotient. The higher the grade, the stronger the bar. Adhunik presents to you TMT Bars in grades of Fe-415, Fe-415D, FE-500, Fe-500D, Fe-550& Fe-600 as per the specifications of IS: 1786:2008 certification. You can easily pick and choose the grade of TMT bars as per your requirement of strength and flexibility in the design of your house. 
  • Extensive Flexibility: Along with strength, the grades also indicate flexibility in the TMT bars, but in reverse order. So, if you need lower strength but better flexibility, go for lower grades and vice versa. With Adhunik’s extensive range of ISO-certified grades in flexible TMT bars, you can shape your dream home to be an architectural wonder and still be assured of safety in the long run.
  • Unparalleled Ductility: The superior manufacturing techniques, top quality steel and perfect ratio of elongation and ribbing on them make them high on ductile strength. This makes them the best TMT bar in terms of earthquake resistance.
Each of these parameters ensures you get the best among leading TMT bars with Adhunik. Give your dream home the maximum strength at its core through the best TMT bar today. Choose Adhunik.

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