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Committees of Board of Directors

The major committees of Board of Directors of the Company and its composition are as under-
Audit Committee

a) Mr. Asit Baran Dasgupta           Chairman
b) Mrs. Sonam Agarwal                 Member
c) Mr. Rama Shankar Gupta          Member
d) Mrs. Shilpi Modi                         Member

Stakeholders Relationship Committee

a) Mr. Sanjay Kaloya                        Chairman
b) Mr. Rama Shankar Gupta            Member
c) Mrs. Sonam Agarwal                    Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

a) Mrs. Sonam Agarwal                    Chairman
b) Mr. Sanjay Kaloya                        Member
c) Mrs. Shilpi Modi                            Member

The other committees of Board of Directors is Management and Finance Committee.
Announcement :
Outcome of Board Meeting 7th November, 2023
Model of Tripartite Agreement
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