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Contact Details of KMP authorized for the purpose of determining Materiality (Regulation 30)

Name                                                   Designation                                                 E-mail
1) Mr. Rama Shankar Gupta      Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)     
2) Mr. Ajay Bhuwania                 Chief Financial Officer (CFO)                       
3) Mr. Bharat Agarwal                 Company Secretary                                     

Lansdowne Towers
2/1 A, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata-700 020.
Telephone:+91 33 6638 4700

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Announcement :
Notice of Board Meeting (18.05.2022)
Notice of Postal Ballot (20.04.2022)
Outcome of Board Meeting 20th April, 2022
Closure of Trading Window (22.03.2022)
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