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Choose a Smart Home for a Smarter Tomorrow

Choose a Smart Home for a Smarter Tomorrow

Are you thinking of building a new home? Creating a safe nest for your loved ones is rewarding venture, but one that must be done with care. It’s a project that demands every bit of perfection achievable within your budget. And to build a truly smart and safe home, you need to make sure that it is strong from the core.
Check out the key pointers below about how you can choose to make your home ready for tomorrow.
Future-Ready Design

You invest time, money and energy to construct your dream home with a long-term vision. You could implement architectural design ideas that make it stand out. Or, your house could be filled with premium amenities for a really cosy tomorrow.
But, above all, boost your house with the strength of Adhunik TMT bars for a strong foundation and hardy framework. Get future ready, today.

Safety Concerns

A home offers protection and care for our loved ones. Safeguard your smart home proactively. Choose construction materials that offer protection from fundamental issues like rust, fire, water-damage etc.
Adhunik best TMT bars, Link EDGE and steel wires are developed with cutting-edge technology and superior raw ingredients with an eye for safety. This ensures that these construction materials fend off hazards like rust, corrosion, fire and damages due to water seepage and water logging effectively.

Disaster-Proof Construction

Don’t let your dreams crumble under the whims of nature. Shield your home from the wraths of nature like earthquake, flood, storms and lightning etc. Minimise the impacts of these threats by preparing for the worst. Equip your home to handle these disasters with least scope for damage.

Using TMT Bars from reputed brands like Aphonic industries limited offers high fatigue resistance to the construction along with greater capability of handling seismic and dynamic loads efficiently. Also, these are immune to rust, fire and corrosion inherently. Ensure a better disaster management with Adhunik TMT Bars and Adhunik Link EDGE for your home.

Get Smart with Your Choices – Be Adhunik

With Adhunik products, you get assured quality, superior performance and uncompromisingly resilient bonding strength at the very core of your house. And, you get it all within your budget!
Reduced labour charge and cost of raw materials plus faster project completion – savour the unique Adhunik advantage at every point. Premium quality, modern scientific design and latest technology helps Adhunik TMT bar manufacturer to price their products at a much competitive rate than their peers in the market. It’s a definite win-win for you.
Trust the top TMT bars manufacturer in Kolkata for your dream home construction — Adhunik industries limited— for a smarter tomorrow.

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