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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a House in India

Are you planning to construct your dream home? Building a house is a mammoth task with its own set of challenges.
To make sure you don’t take a wrong step, bear in mind the following common mistakes that often complicate the construction projects in India.

  1. Choosing fancy over function: Prioritise your needs first, not just your wishes. Building a house as an architectural wonder would strain your budget, test the skills of your contractors and most probably would end up with highly dysfunctional corners inside the house. Choose simple, functional designs and layouts for your house, keeping in mind your family requirements and vaastu (if applicable).
  1. No buffer for unforeseen costs: There will almost always be additional unforeseen costs for various reasons beyond your control. Be it damaged materials, delay in timeline, on-the-go changes to the original plan to accommodate a regulation or even natural calamities slowing down the construction, not having a buffer funding source is a big risk.
  1. Side-stepping building regulations: Don’t start the construction phase before getting all the required approvals and permits from the designated government authorities of your locality to avoid future troubles of non-compliance.
  1. Cutting corners with materials: Never compromise on the construction materials’ quality. Use the best quality materials within your budget. Make your dream home fundamentally safe and sound with top quality TMT bars and stirrups as they form the skeletal structure of your home. For this, only trust leading TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata like Adhunik.
  1. Taking shortcuts during construction: Carefully make the floor plan to include sufficient storage space, wide hallways and sizeable bedrooms and stick to it. Don’t curtail the square-feet to save short-term money. It’ll only increase the penalty manifolds once you move in the house.
  1. Being an over-confident control freak: Let the professionals shape up your plans and dreams with efficiency, capability and, economically. Share your opinions and concerns with them at each step of the project, but avoid stepping on their toes while on the job.
  1. Overlooking your future: In India, your house is your permanent address. So, consider your children, parents, aged family members and the amenities to benefit them all before building a house. Make the right plan with flexibility to accommodate a happy future with your family in the house.
By avoiding these common mistakes, you’re more likely to get the home you’ve always wanted.

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