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How to Build Indian Homes That Are More Energy Efficient.

India is a prime emerging contestant for rapid growth in the renewable energy market. The ever-increasing demands for energy by the growing Indian population and the vast natural assets of India are steadily making a solid pathway for more eco-friendly energy sources every day. So why not encourage the notion at a deeper foundation? Think green even while building your home!
Present & future of renewable energy in India
The Indian energy consumption scenario is evolving every day, with a goal of a balanced distribution towards fossil fuels and renewable energy sources from the environment. With many constructive recommendations and guidelines issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and initiatives like Akshay Urja Diwas favouring green energy sources, India is becoming a most prominent global entity in producing and utilising renewable energy.
By 2022, the Indian Government aims to more than double the total renewable power capacity through various channels like solar power, wind power, biomass power, small hydropower etc.
You can also contribute significantly to this mission towards an environment-friendly energy-savvy society. And, it begins from your home.
Why do Indian homes need to become more eco-friendly?
The sub-tropical Indian climate along with large population makes us highly reliable on the electrical power supplied by standard grids. Making our homes more eco-friendly is beneficial to not just the country and the world by extension, but also you as a homeowner.
By simply choosing alternative approaches towards renewable energy sources, you get to have your energy supply (to the scale of your preference and budget), limit your electricity bill and spread awareness within your family and friends for a green future. It’s a win-win!
Home-building tips to improve energy efficiency

  • Start at the early stage of planning and designing the house. Add in more open space layouts in the structure for maximum utilisation of natural light, air and heat instead of consuming electricity.
  • Depending on the climatic zone of your residence, choose bio-friendly materials like stones, brick etc. in your construction. For endowing your house with more strength, use TMT bars from reputed brands like Adhunik, so that your home stands secure against natural disasters like earthquake, fire etc.
  • Use water-based indoor and outdoor paints instead of oil-based ones.
  • Implement simple systems for rainwater harvesting, waste-water treatment for optimum water conservation.
  • Decide the number, design and size of windows according to your house’s position (east-facing or west etc.); use wooden frames or double-glazed insulation for maintaining room temperature without AC.
  • Place Photovoltaic (solar) or wind power systems on your rooftops and high terraces and enjoy renewable energy for the household requirements.
  • Work your green thumb – maintain indoor plants as much as possible to keep the air refreshed and room temperature/humidity controlled naturally.
Remember, it’s possible to make environmentally-conscious decisions right at the outset of construction. And, one of them is to choose eco-friendly raw materials like Adhunik TMT bars for a strong building that’s green at its core.

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