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How to Make Buildings More Earthquake-Resistant?

India is home four seismic zones and the latest data by National Centre of Seismology includes 81 Indian cities as earthquake prone areas that need to exercise caution. There are national guidelines and informational brochures on making buildings more resistant to earthquakes.
Apart from the government initiatives, construction materials and practices go a long way to ensure that buildings are resistant to the extreme damage that an earthquake can cause. Here are five pointers how:
1. Shock absorbent TMT bars
Earthquake-resistant TMT bars are the tough rebars that absorb shock and bend without breaking. When produced through the Tempcore Process, TMT bars acquire a soft inner core with a hard exterior that makes it extremely capable of withstanding seismic shocks. They can be retrofitted to existing structures to reinforce resistance to earthquakes and add strength.
2. Geometrical design of buildings
Structurally, perpendicular plans of building designs are the best to support upper layers of construction, to absorb vibrations and to be flexible during tremors. Symmetrical proportioning of perpendicular structures in effect, helps in equal load bearing thereby giving a stable construction plan.
3. Light or panelled walls and flooring
The use of shear walls and partitions with panelling system help redirect the force of tremors towards the foundations making a building safe. Also, thin concrete floors and similarly, lighter roofs are better at earthquake resistance.
4. Structural frames and designs
Horizontal and vertical structural systems with features such as, Diaphragms and Trusses for the former structures, and Cross-braced frames and Moment-resisting frames for the latter structures, strengthen the resistance of a building to earthquakes.
5. Steel reinforcement in concrete
When concrete structures are reinforced with steel, they produce the most important trio of earthquake-resistant qualities. These are ductility, stiffness and strength. Reinforcing with steel resists the tensile force produced by earthquakes, hence, high-quality TMT bars and stirrups are mandatory in constructing structures that will survive earthquakes.
Adhunik Industries understands that safety of structures and in construction is of the utmost priority. The company, therefore, has an excellent range of earthquake resistant products and materials.

Image Source: Zingy Homes

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