TMT Bars

The Superior Benefits of Using Adhunik TMT Bars in Constructions

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars are among the most important materials that are used extensively in construction projects. High-strength steel TMT bars form the core of an earthquake-resistant structure. However, only TMT bars from the best TMT Bar Manufacturers live up to this claim. This is the reason why leading developers and many prominent companies in the construction industry deeply rely on the outstanding quality of Adhunik TMT bars for their obvious advantages over their competitors in the market. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.
World-class quality
Adhunik uses the world’s most advanced technology called the Tempcore Process to make TMT bars from the best quality iron ore through high-tech block mills. The result is optimum use of steel in each bar, compared to any other options in the market. Also, that iron ore is further processed to have minimal sulphur and phosphorus levels in the TMT rebar. Thus, you get the best TMT bars in terms of quality and performance from Adhunik Industries Limited.
Ensuring superior strength and safety of construction
Whether it is a multi-storeyed high-rise or a cosy bungalow, ensuring the safety of the structure is one of the prime concerns of builders and homeowners alike. The best quality TMT Bars by Adhunik solves that problem instantly. The unique metallurgical process of Thermo-Mechanical Treatments applied on these bars gives them higher strength and better ductility.
Adhunik TMT Bars are fire-resistant and have a high fatigue resistance with the greater capability of handling seismic and dynamic loads effectively. So, using them in your construction projects makes the buildings fire as well as earthquake-safe even in regions prone to frequent seismic activities.
Because of these reasons, Adhunik TMT bars assure a stronger structure.
Excellent flexibility and ease of use
The Adhunik TMT bars offer great bendability and superior weld-ability, which make it easier to pre-fabricate the parts of the construction units (meshes, frames etc.). The low carbon content in Adhunik TMT rebar’s ensures that these can be safely used in butt joints and other welded joints without any loss of their core strength. These factors allow more design flexibility to architects and developers so they can build more innovative modern structures.
Easy to carry and transport
Being light-weight and more flexible, these TMT bars are easy to assemble and transport from the manufacturing factory units to work sites. This results in reduced labour costs and a faster pace of construction.
Low maintenance
Adhunik TMT bars are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. The cost of maintaining them on-site or at the factory is thus decidedly low.
Superior bonding strength
The external ribs present along the entire length of Adhunik TMT bars help them grip the concrete better by design. This gives additional strength to the building.
Starting from the production unit to final application at the construction site, using Adhunik TMT Bars help you save money by reducing labour charge, faster progress of the project and even in raw materials. 
If you’re looking for top-quality TMT bars in Kolkata that are cost-effective, look no further than Adhunik— India’s premier manufacturer of TMT bars.

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