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Stirrups: A Key Factor in Earthquake-Resistance

Stirrups (also known as ‘rings’) are one of the most critical factors that impact the quality, earthquake-resistance capacity, and the overall strength of a building. These are closed loops of TMT bars that hold the main reinforcement bars together to ensure they are in optimum position in a reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structure.

Stirrups come in different shapes such as rectangular, square, circular, polygonal, a U-stirrup or a crosstie. But, the first two types are the most commonly used shapes. Stirrups work by resisting the shear forces and high diagonal tension stresses in a concrete structure. This enhances the compressive strength of columns and beams, preventing them from collapsing.

Why Manually-Made Stirrups Don’t Measure Up

Generally in India, stirrups are fabricated manually at the site itself by simply bending a reinforcing bar with bar benders. In most cases, such made-on-site stirrups do not comply with the prescribed standards of the Indian Standard codes. This often results in the two ends of the loops not being locked properly, paving the way for dimensional faults and failures. Such structural weaknesses significantly increase the possibilities of failure during earthquakes or any other severe stress.

What Makes Adhunik Link Edge a Superior Choice?

Adhunik Link Edge is stirrup constructed from FE500SD high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bars and are available in all sizes. They have a 135 degree hook as per Indian Standard with 10d length and because they are made from 500 SD reinforcement bars, they also improve the ductility of columns.

Manufactured using completely automatic procedure and cutting-edge technology, every Link Edge stirrup goes through stringent quality control, which ensures maximum consistency, quality, and accurate dimensions.

Link Edge meets all the prescribed standards and provides additional strength while maximizing the inherent strength of the construction. It offers the following advantages:

  • Best dimensional accuracy
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Proper end locks
  • Zero wastage
  • Reduced construction time
  • Reduced labour cost

Trust Link Edge for Superior Construction Strength

Link Edge stirrups are made by automatic machines hence they are far superior in terms of quality and accuracy, and leave no room for failure.
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